The Advantages of Displaying Your Team’s Successes

The Advantages of Displaying Your Team’s Successes

We are such visual creatures. Try to explain a complex idea or company objective in words, with all kinds of adjectives, synonyms, and definitions, and you may be there awhile, so pull up a chair. But, explain something – a concept, idea or goal– as a picture, and it’s a whole different story.   

During an annual meeting, a client shared this picture of their teams’ successes and the tangible results of all their effort. Each member of their team is enmeshed in the process, which has improved communication, built a stronger community, and increased productivity. 

Okay, so they’ve come up with a way to map out their victories, how about you?  

What have you tried that works?  Or doesn’t work?   

Maybe you’ve come up with a different way to show your progress and positive outcomes that works for you.   

If so, we’d love to see it. This is your time to flaunt your creativity.
 (Go ahead flaunt your creativity – we’d love to see what you have created!)  

It’s no secret that people are far more likely to process, understand and retain information if the visual parts of their brains are pandered to. Visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than text that’s read, and most people can retain 65% of information if it’s delivered visually, but they will only remember 10% when that same information is presented verbally. [Piktochart]  

Maybe you feel your business isn’t making enough progress or that your team goals aren’t moving the company forward fast enough. If so, I would encourage you to put your heads together and come up with your own way to express your victories. It doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive. In fact, a whiteboard and a few different colored markers are all that’s needed to envision your company goals, your purpose and core target, and get your people committed to going from good to great!  

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Traction Coach is a team of Certified EOS Implementers who partner with business owners and their leadership teams to implement the proven, holistic Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS). They couple first-hand knowledge of the EOS process with effective facilitation skills to help entrepreneurs achieve what they desire from their business. A partnership with Traction Coach brings businesses and leadership teams together to achieve a higher level of success through stability, growth, and profitability; bringing about a better balance of work and life for their business owners and leaders.

About EOS

The Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) creates a shared vision, gets everyone in the company on the same page, provides a roadmap of where the company is going and how you’ll get there, and helps you gain traction in your business. By communicating your vision through a few measurable numbers and goals, every member of your team knows exactly what they are accountable for, without the guesswork. This is especially helpful for employees who may doubt their abilities or feel underutilized in your organization, and it helps get you out from under the stress that goes with running your business to focus on your vision.