Six Key Components to Business Success

The organizational operating system, known as the Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS®), was created by and designed for entrepreneurial companies to create traction and drive real, consistent results. As a business owner, you experience a lot of moving plates on a daily basis that you are required to manage. EOS was created around this experience and the discovery that we can strengthen what is known as the “six key components of business.” When all those moving parts settle into place because we are focusing on the root cause of those symptomatic moving plates, you stop reacting to the symptomatic expressions of your obstacles and start taking purposeful action that addresses the root cause. It is within this shift that business owners move from a highly reactive environment where the business is running them to being proactive and taking back their business, and their lives!

The six key components of business success are having :
(1) A simple and clear vision
(2) Great people to execute that vision
(3) Objective data that drives action
(4) An ability to truly name your problems and solve them
(5) Processes that define how people get the most important things in the business done right every time
(6) Disciplined execution that constantly moves the company toward the vision (traction)

EOS works within all industries, and at all company sizes. Implementing when your company employs 10-250 associates, generates around $2 million in revenue, and has employees that are hungry for more sets your business up early in its journey for real success.

EOS is not software. The magic of EOS is that it is powered by human energy. The simple, proven tools, and disciplines of EOS are used by you and your coworkers to make real, consist change happen that drives real results. Through the EOS process, vital questions are laid out that you and your team must take disciplined action to uphold.

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EOS is an organizational operating system that harmoniously integrates all the moving parts of a business and aligns human energy to move in the same direction. It is a tried and true system that supports real  people using simple tools to deliver big results.

About Traction Coach

Your greatest asset is your people. At Traction Coach, we believe people are inherently smart, motivated and arrive ready to do something great. We will guide your leadership team through the proven Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) to build a business foundation that ignites the innate tendency of your people to execute toward a shared vision and to maintain disciplined action; creating a cohesive, high-performing team who consistently delivers results.

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