How Branding Protects Your Business’s Budget

Not so long ago, brand-building was easier to manage than in today’s omnichannel digital environment. Go back three decades and count the communications vehicles: businesses could choose from newspapers, magazines, television, and radio, enjoying substantial control over all of them. With relatively few channels, consumer audiences engaged in consistent popular media.

Digital channels, operating on search and behavior algorithms, offer much more control over audience targeting but require many more assets across more channels to achieve the reach and frequency more easily attained with fewer assets 20 years ago. Controlling your marketing and advertising budgets becomes even more difficult in the face of powerful tools and conflicting advice. This is where brand clarity becomes paramount in media planning and budget management.

Research-based branding practices, including polling, surveying, and focus groups, can help clarify which of the seemingly infinite traditional and digital channels are most likely to place your message in front of a targeted audience. Guessing which platforms are likely to hit the right audience can be a costly mistake, requiring media plans, messaging, and assets to be restrategized and re-created.

In addition, strong branding can help identify digital brand abuses that erode consumer trust on a variety of levels through abuse of search engine marketing, cybersquatting, and social brand defamation. While budgeting for your business, ensure enough resources are earmarked to understand fully and protect your brand goals and standards. When your marketing team consists of the right people in the rights seats, your brand will gain, and keep, traction with your audience.

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