Person with blurry vision looking through glasses to see clearly.

Creating Clarity in Your Business Goals to Rally Your Team

Everyone wants to set business goals that help drive their business forward. To that end, hardworking entrepreneurs earnestly investigate goal-setting techniques. The problem is, though, that they’re swimming in a never-ending sea of information. Just enter “business goals” into Google, and you’ll see almost 4 billion results. How can you cut through the noise and learn how to set clear …

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A hiring manager combs through candidates’ resumes.

How to Hire the Right People for What Your Business Needs Right Now

Sometimes, your business needs an extra push to help you reach your goals. And that push often comes in the form of an amazing employee. Consider Disney’s experience.  Disney has always been an important name in the entertainment industry, with its kids’ movies and theme parks drawing in millions of people. However, the company wasn’t living up to its potential. …

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Two people discussing the strategy of their organizational structure on a dry erase board. Photo by Diggity Marketing on Unsplash.

What Is the Right Organizational Structure to Grow Your Business?

Google is worth around $300 billion at the time of writing this article. While you may not agree with everything Google does, one thing is indisputable — their success as a business. What has contributed to their massive and continued growth?  A lot of Google’s success can be attributed to how the organization is set up. Google clearly understands its …

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The Advantages of Displaying Your Team’s Successes

The Advantages of Displaying Your Team’s Successes We are such visual creatures. Try to explain a complex idea or company objective in words, with all kinds of adjectives, synonyms, and definitions, and you may be there awhile, so pull up a chair. But, explain something – a concept, idea or goal– as a picture, and it’s a whole different story. …

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Laying Out a Vision for Future Growth

“When employees join executives in truly owning the responsibility for business success, an exciting new sense of teamwork takes hold.” – Punit Renjen   As a business owner, you are great at what you do. You’ve followed your passion, you took risks, and it has paid off – you have a successful business to show for it. But, as your business …

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Ring in a New Year and a New Approach

I enjoy this time of year. Wrapping up 2018, the collective sigh as we all slow down and say goodbye to the many tasks and projects still yet to accomplish in 2018. There’s something freeing about the end of the year – when we truly have to let go of our “to-dos” and instead turn our energy toward the exciting …

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What is EOS and How Can It Impact Your Business (and Life)?

Has your business hit a growth plateau that you just can’t seem to get over? Learn about proven EOS implementation and how it can impact your business. At three o’clock on a Friday afternoon, you find yourself sitting in yet another team meeting that’s going nowhere fast. In typical fashion, what started out as a leadership meeting meant to realign …

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Improving the Budget You Already Have

You’ve done the challenging part of assembling a budget. You’ve done the introspection and soul-searching, looked at your venture from every angle, and tailored your budget to diligently aim your business to meet the goals you’ve set for it. It may not be perfect, but you’re confident that it will continue the operation down the path you’ve set for it. …

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How Branding Protects Your Business’s Budget

Not so long ago, brand-building was easier to manage than in today’s omnichannel digital environment. Go back three decades and count the communications vehicles: businesses could choose from newspapers, magazines, television, and radio, enjoying substantial control over all of them. With relatively few channels, consumer audiences engaged in consistent popular media. Digital channels, operating on search and behavior algorithms, offer …

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