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Why Traction Coach?

Traction Coach was born out of a desire to share EOS® (Entrepreneurial Operating System®) with business owners who want an organizational system that drives results year after year. At the same time, we wanted to create a company that would be home to people creating a positive impact on the world.

When you partner with Traction Coach, a Certified EOS Implementer will work with your leadership team to implement EOS in to your business. We do this by combining first-hand knowledge of the process with effective facilitation skills. We help entrepreneurs, like you, take control and create real value.

The Traction Coach Journey

In 2008, right before the economic downturn, I became co-owner of a background screening business. Although we survived the first two years, we were frustrated with slow growth and dysfunctional company culture.

We realized we had to make a change if we wanted the business to be successful. We knew our struggles were like those of other growing businesses, and the problem wasn’t that complicated.

We were out of alignment as a team. As a result, our whole company was failing.

After discovering EOS, we knew that we had the piece of the puzzle we were missing. EOS gave us the tools to fix our organizational problems. At last, we could create the company we had originally envisioned. Now we’d never invest in a company that isn’t running on EOS.

Explosive Growth

& Happy


Within two years of implementing the EOS process, our business doubled in sales and tripled in profits. Creativity, progress, and team cohesion replaced chaos. Eight years later, we still use EOS to run our business, which continues to boast rapid growth and a positive work environment.

Our employees are happier, and so are we. Even our personal lives have improved. Because of implementing EOS, my husband Steve and I enjoy the time and freedom to pursue our passions, such as teaching other business owners about the benefits of EOS.

If you’d like to learn how EOS can help you experience similar results, set up a free consultation with me today.