Learn. Execute. Soar.

The Implementation Process is made up of three simple steps:

I.    Learn the foundational principles and tools.  
(3 full day sessions in 3 months)

II.   Execute on the tools. Stay disciplined to the process.  
(5 full day session for 1 year)

III.  Soar.  Winning in business and enjoying life. 
(Year after year.)


EOS is Proven

Traction Coach clients average an increase in revenue growth of 18%, increase in profit of 29% and a measured increase in employee & owner satisfaction.


The EOS Model

If you were to review why businesses are successful, you would see the six components above adhered to with rigorous, consistent action.The EOS Model

TRACTION COACH, EOS Coaching with Epic Results

Why EOS? It works. Over 5000 companies are running on EOS internationally. The majority of companies running on EOS experience year over year growth, increased profitability and positive employee / owner satisfaction.

The results are EPIC because we are the only system that understands and solves the root of 80% of your business problems –PEOPLE. EOS is a system for managing human energy. The greatest asset you have in your business is your people. When your people come together, the synergy creates magic.The results are EPIC because ….

  1. We coach the system – not a single individual.  We work with a team of key decision makers……discovering, discussing, deciding and taking actions as a group of people.  We have bold conversations that drive big results.
  2. We focus on the root cause of 80% of business problems – PEOPLE.   After a decade of coaching, we know people inherently show up wanting to contribute and win.  Traction Coach helps you optimize human potential and harness group synergy.   
People are powerful and when they come together, they are unstoppable.
Let Traction Coach help you unleash the potential of your people!

Be Creative

Be Creative

To be most creative, make a team with different backgrounds, skill sets and talent but with similar goals and motivations.

Be Awesome

Less Deadlines

Deadlines have been shown to make people less creative. Block out the time to focus. If you need a deadlines, make several mini deadlines instead of one large, looming deadline.

Be Innovative

Find a Hobby

Get your mind off the business for awhile. Do what you love and your body and mind will naturally relax to let the good ideas come forth!

The fastest way to success

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